Geometric Recipes

    My graduation project is a study on similarities between Gastronomy and Graphic Design. These two exercises are, in some measure, comparable. While you are invited to 'play' with ingredients in the first, typeface, colours, shapes and layout are the base for your creation in the other. My intention was to translate visually the gastronomy, with a specific language based on shapes, colours and layout. I've designed 489 icons for the same amount of ingredients, classified in 6 categories (meat & fishes, fruits & vegetables, potatotes & cereales, dairy products, fat & sauces, juices & drinks). Each poster represents a specific recipe. To 'cook' every poster, I've used the icons as my ingredients, while the colours, the effect and the layout are the metaphor of the cooking process.

    My work as been published in french graphic design magazine, Etapes: n.197


    Credits: Arthur Remacle

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