Origami do Mundo!

    During the summer 2012 I had the great pleasure to work at Total Identity with Markus Olhafen . It was the begining of the Euro football cup, and we were at that time, big fans of origamis. Markus folded our first football shirt with an orange piece of paper to make a tiny but really cool Nederland football shirt. The idea came almost naturally: 'Why don't we design all the shirts of each euro teams?' We roughly did it, and it went wild in the office. The idea was born!
    I thought the Football WorldCup of 2014 was a great opportunity to do it again, but in a better crafted and designed way.
    That's how origamidomundo.com is born.Aa website where you can download and fold the origami jersey of your favorite football team.
    All the templates are free to download and use!


    Credits: Arthur Remacle

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    Download and fold your origami football jersey!