Vist ik het maar

    Vist ik het maar is a knowledge & educational online platform for fishermen.
    The past years, one challenge has been at the centre of achieving a sustainability in commercial fishing. This platform tend to bridging the gap between scientist researches on sustainability and fishery industries.
    “Vist ik het maar“ is a variation on the dutch expression: “Wist ik het maar…“ which is used in cases where having certain knowledge would leed to solving a problem. You could translate it in english by “I wish I knew“.
    The initial brief was to try as much as possible to put the fishermen first in the design.
    My answer is a logotype written in a “comic-like“ typeface, giving the feeling that the fisherman itself is shouting “Vist ik het maar!“

    Client: Vist ik het maar!

    Credits: Marc Smits CtrlSPATIE – Arthur Remacle

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